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Complete Audio Visual Integration and Design

We provide end-to-end installed custom collaboration solutions.

Our focus is to connect your vision to innovative user-friendly technology.



Clever AV is a leading provider of innovative AV solutions for corporate, commercial, and educational customers across Canada.

The company was founded by Andre Stolpinsky, a sound engineer who developed a passion for commercial audio-visual systems. He has extensive experience in AV systems configuration, programming, UI design and 3D modelling for engineering drawings.

Our team comprises of experienced technicians and Project Management professionals, who strive to provide the quickest, smoothest and most affordable service in all commercial, corporate, educational, retail, and residential markets.

We believe that a 100% customer satisfaction rate is critical. That’s why our mix of versatile skillful technicians, diverse programming abilities, and top-notch Project Management has created a comprehensive professional team that can skillfully create any customized solution.

Whether you are looking to utilise AV technology to simplify your residence, or extend your global business reach, - CLEVER AV is the company you are looking to partner with.



Business Meeting


"Clever AV helped us with the AV system in our boardrooms. They are a combination of great solutions, competitive prices and excellent customer service. They went the extra mile to accommodate our requests and educate us how the system works. Also, they prepared different manuals for our conference calls and troubleshooting. Highly recommended."


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