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If you're operating a commercial establishment, one of your highest priorities is to make sure your guests feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Customers will stay longer and spend more when they enjoy themselves, and having the right atmosphere increases profits and overall visitor satisfaction.​

High-quality, well-placed audio distribution enhances the general ambience and creates a welcoming atmosphere.  Plus, we create systems for the untrained operator.  Instant user adoption and understanding are a must.  Staff will be able to run an integrated audio system instantly.  

Merging legacy analog systems is also an option for IP and digital audio upgrades. 


Everything is possible.

AtlasIED Atmosphere™ Zone, Source, and Volume Wall Controller

Audio Sytems
AtlasIED Atmosphere™ Zone, Source, and Volume Wall Controller
Digital Signage


Attract and immediately interact with your existing and new customers through digital signage. You are always in control of what is displayed, in real-time, and information may easily be altered with a click of a button.

Create a lively, engaging atmosphere or explore various marketing strategies. 


The content is entirely up to you.  Easy to manage remotely, and the software has a very with a low learning curve.  Allowing new users to generate and create content quickly. 


Increase your revenue stream from advertisers, -especially for places such as; gyms, malls or cafes.

Explore endless opportunities for digital signage with Clever AV.

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digital signage player brightsign hd224.
Control Systems
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An easy-to-use control system is an extremely valuable asset in a corporate or commercial space for several reasons.  It enhances efficiency by streamlining operations and promoting consistent simplified connectivty.

Incluiding seamless integration and control of; audiovisual equipment, lighting, HVAC, and other technologies, simplifying the user experience and increasing operational efficiency.


With a single user-friendly interface, it removes the clutter of remote controls on the table. Including downtime of trying to operate the system. By promoting reliable and consistent performance, control systems enhance productivity, enhance collaboration, and elevate the overall corporate environment's functionality and professionalism.

Crestron custom control touch panel

Crestron TS-1070 control panel 

Video Distributon


Video distribution systems offer valuable benefits to your oganization by greatly reducing time from running around trying to change inputs and outputs.   

From sports venues to corporate offices.  Multiple signage TV's may be easily managed and content changed using a custom built control interface, throughout the premises.  customized and interactive content .


With centralized content management, seamless integration, and expert support from Clever AV.  Your employees and customers can stay informed, engaged, fostering a positive work environment and boosting productivity.


From AV over IP, AVB, HDBaseT, streaming, fixed and open I/O hardware based systems.  We've got you covered.


Extron NAV E 501

1G Pro AV over IP Encoder - HDMI, Ethernet, and USB

Vancouver installed video distribution systems
Extron NAV E 501









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