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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms are the ideal method for business customers wanting to connect.  90 percent of enterprise customers are using Microsoft products.  Therefore, wouldn't it make perfect sense for your meeting space to be running a native and seamless experience within that environment?  Plus, user familiarity with the MS Teams work environment naturally increases user adoption. 


Third party video platforms like Webex, and Zoom, are also available from Teams MTR interface. 


Enterprise account management using Microsoft PowerShell command-line allows for highly specific in-depth powerful control and encrypted security of your business.  Bridging your meeting spaces with individual users is seamless.   Increasing your ROI by dramatically improving system wide workflows.  Teams Rooms (MTR's) are far more than mere video conferencing simplicity.

Microsoft Team Rooms are the new business standard, -for all video platforms to be measured against.

The Crestron TS-1070-B-S  tabletop touch panel is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.  

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Zoom Rooms

Crestron and Zoom allow for unlimited device control through Zooms’ native interface.  Control features such as; lighting, shades, audio systems, displays and projectors, may be controlled via the Zoom interface. 


Zoom is the preferred choice for; schools and education, flex meeting spaces, facilitators, rental facilities, small to medium sized business, fitness studios, and multi user environments.

Clever AV can run these control commands in the background, while you’re focusing on the meeting, and not the technology.  Our programmers are experts in creating easy-to-use interfaces that run powerful AV systems, without user intervention. 

The Zoom Room experience. 

The Crestron TSW-1070-B-S wall mount touch panel.  Shure Stem audio system shown.

Zoom room installation
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Google Meet

Ideal for companies that want an alternate method to video conferencing, -particularly those who work in within the Google workspace.  Google Meet might just be your best fit. Cost effective, and with seamless workflow with the connected apps. 


The free version allows for 60 minutes per meeting and up to 100 people per session. 


Google Meet. A leader in video communication. 

Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit

Complete with a Huddly AI camera.  Complete system kits available and in 3 room sizes.

Meet TP no bg.png

The Crestron TS-1070 wall mount touchpanel is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.  

Bring your own device 

Maximise your meeting with the power of all available installed and integrated devices to your personal machine.  

All connected room peripherals will work on your connected laptop or Mac.  Microphones, speakers, soundbars, cameras, control systems, and DSP. 

has many variations uniquely created for the BYOD systems.  Meeting space guests can connect their laptop to the Crestron Flex system to use their own supplied UC conference platform.  

Ideal for flexible spaces with; multiple and or varied users, platform agnostic environments, hotels, open work spaces, and rental facilities.

Every video conferencing platform imaginable will work on the Crestron BYOD system solutions.

The UC Presentation Transmitter (UC‑PR) switches to the connected laptop's UC platform and returns to the native video conferencing platform when disconnected.

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