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Improve your home office acoustics

Make your home office sound like a professional boardroom.

In those uncertain times, more of us work from home now than ever before. One of the biggest challenges of working from home is keeping the noise down and creating a clear sound for yourself. Whether it be construction outside or kids playing at home, it might be very distracting and then it's hard to regain focus. Here we want to go through a few steps to getting the best sound out of your home office.

Dedicated space. If you can dedicate a room in your household to be your office space, that is a great start, but what if you can't? We have a suggestion for you too. Number one is staying with your back to a wall, or a corner.That way, the sound coming from the room will be behind the microphone, and people on the other side will have fewer chances of hearing it. Besides, it might be easier for you to listen to your colleagues as the sound coming from them will be in a smaller, closed space.


Block door holes In case you have a dedicated room for your home office, it might be crucial to install an acoustic door seal kit. They are easy to find online, and many of them are very easy to install, and they don't even require any tools. The idea is to block any sound coming to your room through the door. It will also help your loved ones at home as they won't hear you as much.

Acoustic Panels Be that a dedicated room or a small area in an open space, adding a layer of acoustic panels might be very beneficial for your overall sound quality. One if your room is got some echo in it, acoustic panels will help with that making your voice sound clear and sharp. Also, they can prevent sound from going out of your room. There are also acoustic room dividers that allow you not only to get a better sound but also a little more privacy in an open space.


Not every floor is made equal. Some materials might absorb sound better than others, and some might reflect sound better. A simple solution for that would be adding a rug to your room.

Windows Outside noise might be a big issue in the middle of a video conference. Ambulance, construction or even traffic noise. Unless you want to invest in replacing your windows with double-pane windows, here's a simple trick. Number one make sure you close your window during the meeting in addition to that you can install soundproof curtains. And of course, you can try using a noise-cancelling app like Crisp.IO According to the company; a single button will remove all unwanted noise from your side. If you need help with any of your acoustic treatments at home or in your office, contact Clever AV today, and we will be happy to help.

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