Noise reduction in the office has long become a necessity. Acoustic treatment serves many purposes; a calming listening environment for staff,- which is vital for productivity, and company branding.

Modern offices have many hard surfaces, -like windows, metals frames, polished floors, wood tables, -all which result increased echo and reverberation. Smart acoustic treatment will lower the background noise and seamlessly fit into your design.

Foil backed perforated ceilings tiles with acoustic sound insulation, absorptive colourful workstation panels, and many more decorative options are available.  We can assist your business with making acoustic and visual trans-formative decisions.


Did you know that many custom and unique shapes and colours are available for acoustic treatments?  Including custom printed artwork.  


Attract and immediately interact with your exisiting and new customers through digital signage. You are always in control of what is displayed, and can easily alter information with a click of a button. Create a lively, engaging atmosphere or try various marketing strategies, -no need to spend additional money and time on printing. Not only does it save you money, but you can actually earn more of it.  


The content is completely up to you, it’s also possible to generate money from advertisers, especially for places such as gyms, malls or cafes. Explore endless opportunities for digital signage with CLEVER AV.



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If you're operating a commercial establishment, one of your highest priorities is to make sure your guests feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Customers will stay longer, and spend more when they're enjoying themselves.  Having the right atmosphere echos in increased profits and overall visitor satisfaction.

High-quality well placed audio distribution enhances the general ambience and creates a welcoming atmosphere.  Plus, we create systems for the untrained operator.  Instant user adoption and understanding is a must.  Staff will be able to run an integrated audio system instantly.  

Merging legacy analog systems is also an option for IP and digital audio upgrades.  Everything is possible.



Find more information on audio solutions here.


AXIS C1004-E IP Speaker



Research shows that digital signage increases the purchase amount, and dwell time by almost 30%. Video wall solutions are specifically designed to enlarge your business potential and tailor a customers influence on their purchases.

Near infinite system options are available for; image sizes, custom resolutions, unique mosaic patterns, indoor, outdoor, curved walls, pillar wrapped, -for any commercial establishment. Use it to run time dependant ads displaying relevant content to your customers.


In the modern days of ever-growing competition, the video wall is the best tool to deliver vivid visual messages.



tvONE C3-540 CORIOmaster


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