Appeal to your customers by interactive in-store experiences. Fun, effortless shopping and preferably without annoying human interactions is something many millenials are now after.
    Interactive screens give your clients access to additional information about your product, show its’ history and display suggested items they might want to buy alongside. For instance, not only they will be able to buy clothes from you, but the program will actually
    suggest a bag or shoes that will fit their look. Self - serving option enables customers to process and even pay for orders without having to queue or contact staff. We are now looking into the future of interactive technology taking over the retail world.


    It’s hard to imagine a retail store without music. Certain genres has long become a trademark of leading chain stores, it attracts and grabs attention. Most people consider shopping as entertainment and music is the foundation of it. Fine audio distribution
    enhances the ambience of your store. It creates a happy and welcoming atmosphere in your establishment.


    Listening to music releases endorphins and boosts mood, keeping customers happy and employees active and awake. Reinvent your store with integrated audio system.


    An efficient wireless paging system is a key factor in high quality customer service. It provides audible and visual form of alarm signal about a problem or condition.

    A customized solution will enable staff communication, your employees will be able to easily call for assistance, contact warehouse and manage queues. With a press of a small button cashier will be able to notify if he needs help with the line. Video and audio signals for the customers also help speed up the check out. And don’t forget that is can also be used as a part of your security system.


    Video walls is one of the latest trends in the retail business. Digital ads and designs play a foreground role in today’s retail world and are used to attract, inform and inspire consumers.

    Video walls can perform various tasks: add highlights to the design and atmosphere with one of a kind artistic video, draw attention and attract customers while displaying adds or promote a brand and it’s digital presence in the store. The technology is extremely easy to
    use and can be run from a tablet or a smartphone, adjust displayed content as much as you need and test its performance without any additional costs.


    Forget about old sticky menus that need constant replacement, oh and the one that always gets forgotten displaying outdated dishes and prices. Digitized menu is actually cheaper and easier to maintain. You don’t need to “freshen it up” or print new ones when a slightest change is needed. They allow to instantly update information in your entire restaurant, use short video clips and gifs to show your actual food and entertain your guests. It can enhance
    any design and unobtrusively provide much more information in comparison to traditional menus and boards. Installing digital menu boards allows to easily add season menu, dishes of the day or mark “out of stock” at no extra cost and time.


    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can’t eliminate theft and crime, but we can prevent loss and provide safety for your customers and employees. Strategically installed security camera systems and digital recorders help to cut down on losses by acting
    as a deterrent, and by spotting suspicious activity as it happens. Continuous surveillance not only scares off potential theft but also protects your business after working hours. Visual evidence is undeniable, when dealing with employee theft or suspect identification. Alongside with security reasons, video footage helps track customer behavior, dictation store's interior layout and the number of workers needed at specific times of the day.

Retail Audio Visual Integration and Design

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