Home should be your zone of comfort and relaxation. Why waste your time on mundane tasks, if those can be done for you? Home automation is the best way to enhance your at home experience.
Take a smartphone or a tablet, relax on your couch and let us do all the work for you.

Adjust the lighting, close motorized shades and pick the perfect movie. The surround sound will kick in at the perfect volume. Your porch lights will turn on automatically when the sun goes down and the doors will lock at a set time. Personalized home automation solution can save your time and give you a real peace of mind.


Amazon Dot, Google Home and Crestron 7” Touch Screen with a tabletop kit



Be a night owl and sleep till noon or open your shades as soon as your alarm goes off for an easy awakening!
Silent motors will take care of the perfect lighting and create the right atmosphere in a click of a button.

Blinds can also reduce heat and UV exposure from direct sunlight. It’s an easy and stylish way to dress your home and save on air conditioning. A wide range of colors, fabric and designs make it simple to get a perfect match for your interior.



Cameo Flush Mount Keypad with Ascent Faceplate




Call the tune of your house with the home audio installation.

Play various music in different parts of your home at the same time. Listen to your favorite music in the shower and then move on to a different room without interrupting the song.

With multi-zone amplifiers, it’s easy to distribute music to all parts of your house. Simply connect to any of your favorite music apps, from any device and voila, even your guests will be able to stream their music. Enhance any occasion with a simple touch of a



Anthem MRX 510




Unsure if you’ve turned the lights off? No need to come back and check, be in total control of your home lighting system from anywhere.

The lights will shut off automatically if a room is not occupied and will switch back on when a motion sensor tracks someone. Set up a lighting schedule according to your needs.
Adjust the time of your porch lighting or make the lights go on automatically when you come home from work. Together with motorized shades it’s easy to create an illusion that a house is occupied when you are away on vacation.



Crestron Horizon Dimmers and Keypads


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