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Killer Audio Visual Solutions Your Startup Can't Neglect

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Within five years, 50 percent of new businesses fail, and 70 percent fail within ten years. That number should scare you, especially as you plan to begin a new startup. While you are busy securing financing, setting up a business plan and preparing your website, there’s one area you don’t want to forget about – your audio visual solutions.

One of the best ways to stand out among the various other companies in your industry is to implement new technology. The more your customers and clients see how sophisticated you are, the more they want to do business with you.

Let’s evaluate the reasons why audio visual gear is a must for any startup. We will also talk about the AV solutions you should never ignore.

4 Reasons Your Startup Needs Audio Visual Tech

While it’s possible to come up with countless arguments for AV equipment in any business, here are four key benefits your startup can receive.

1. Excellent Communication

In the modern world, people want visuals. There’s simply no way around it. To prove the point, look at some of these vital statistics:

Customers read content 80% more often when colored visuals are included.

Consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video about it.

That’s not all.

90% of the information that gets transmitted to our brains is visual. Only 10% of information is remembered three days after a customer hears it. Compare that to the 65% of information retained when it is paired with a relevant image.

Do you want your customers to retain the information you give them? Of course, you do. Otherwise, your startup will never succeed.

With the right audio visual solutions implemented in your meeting area, conference rooms or retail location, you communicate better with your customer. You also provide the proper tools to your staff so they can achieve success when presenting ideas to the client.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

Customers demand more now than ever before. They aren’t content to just purchase a product; they want to have a memorable experience that keeps them coming back.

Poor customer experiences destroy the startup before it even gets off the ground.

Visitors to Times Square in New York City often remark about the experience of the T-Mobile store. They implement immersive video displays for exploration. They also utilize dynamic content that informs and engages the customers.

The technology this company uses includes an interactive wall, the ability to take selfies and the chance to play music. This doesn’t just engage the customer but also increases the brand’s visibility.

With the right audio visual strategy for your startup, you can create a name for your business as well. It will be a location your clients want to visit and tell their friends about.

3. Increase Security

It wasn’t that long ago that the security of businesses was reserved for larger companies. Today, innovations are available to fit the needs of the smaller business as well.

Surveillance and security systems are a vital component of your risk management plan.

It isn’t just the customers and clients you need to worry about. Each year, employee theft costs Canadian businesses around $1.4 billion.

Installing a high-tech security system in your business ensures security. Having clearly visible cameras in the workplace adds to everyone’s peace of mind. Not only does it prevent theft from occurring, but it promotes appropriate behavior.

If you need to make an insurance claim, having clear footage of the incident only helps to protect you. Today’s technology creates crystal-clear imagery that is simple to manage and store.

4. Increase Productivity

By customizing your A/V needs, you perfectly illustrate your company’s culture. This not only improves morale among the staff, but it increases productivity and efficiency.

With the right tools in place, you help the staff get their point across when dealing with clients and customers. It also helps illustrate ideas while pitching a new concept to the other employees.

Audio Visual Solutions for Any Startup

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; there are ways to make it even better with the appropriate audio visual configurations. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Entrance, Common or Waiting Areas

When it comes to any area that customers or clients need to wait, you want to ensure the time passes smoothly for them. Consider implementing mounted TVs, multi-monitor displays and digital signage for entertainment. You can also integrate Spotify, Pandora and XM radio.

To make things more efficient for everyone, you can also install digital customer sign-in practices. This helps to protect privacy as well.

Meeting, Consultation and Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are the best places to share ideas and express your point clearly. Whether you are talking to other employees or potential clients, you want to have extensive technology that helps you illustrate what you are sharing.

With the use of video conferencing systems, smart boards, projectors and screen-sharing systems, there’s no limit to what you can display in this essential room.


When you and the team are in the office, you must be productive or the business will fail. With sophisticated technology, it’s easier now more than ever before to get the job done. Implement smart boards, projectors, video conferencing systems and screen-sharing systems to collaborate with others.

Medical/Dental Professionals

There are multiple facets to the medical office that must be considered. First, patient experience must be a priority. With solutions such as wireless personal audio, Bluetooth-controlled audio, Pandora radio, Spotify and digital tuning for cable programming, you ensure that your clients are comfortable and content.

Aside from that, there are many technologies that create an efficient office. Implement digital patient sign-in, dual-monitor systems and webcam integration for patient photos to streamline your operations.


The security department of your company requires access to high-tech solutions if you want to prevent loss. Without high-definition video surveillance systems and smartphone automation, you put yourself at risk every day.

Retail Locations

Anything you can do to create a better shopping experience for your customers improves your profit. To see the highest rate of return, you want to add interactive screens into the mix. Make shopping effortless without pasting the customers.

You also want a quality audio distribution and paging system. The music you play reflects who you are and what you believe in. It helps you to connect with the customer on a deeper level. Video walls are a newer trend that add to the atmosphere and promotes your brand further.


Your restaurant isn’t much different from the retail location. You want to grab the attention of your customers and help them find what they are looking for quickly. Digital signage is the best way to do this. In a restaurant, this strategy goes even further with digital menu boards. You won’t have to worry about outdated information any longer.

Universal Solutions

Aside from industry-specific solutions, some audio visual strategies work for everyone. For example, audio distribution, data wiring, paging systems and digital signage are things every company must consider.

Biggest Audio Visual Integration Mistakes for Startups

According to Synergy, there are three main reasons that business owners regret audio visual solutions. Knowing and understanding these pitfalls helps you to implement an AV strategy that enables you to achieve your goals.

Mistake #1: Not Making AV Important

It’s easy for companies to lump their AV needs into the same category as IT, but these are two different scopes. Sure the equipment continues to rely on a quality IT setup, but these are two separate fields. AV is simply organized media. It’s not going anywhere and only continues to play a more significant role in today’s business.

You don’t want to lump your audio visual needs with your IT and you don’t want to wait until it’s too late to implement them.

Mistake #2: Choosing the Wrong AV Company

This isn’t a part of your business you want to outsource to just anyone. Let’s face it; everyone and their brother claim to understand audio visual systems. Most of the success or failure of your system will rely on who puts it in.

You want a company that offers innovative ideas and knows how to implement them. This organization should put your needs first and not just concern themselves with a profit. If they aren’t willing to listen to what you say, they aren’t good enough to be a part of your startup team.

Remember to communicate clearly with whomever you choose to do the job. Clear communication heads off a lot of problems and ensures you receive the AV solutions that work for you.

Mistake #3: Trying to Do It Yourself

There’s no denying that today’s technology claims to be easier than ever to set up, but there are some downfalls to that. Not everything is nearly as easy as it claims to be. In fact, most manufacturers promote their product by claiming the simplicity of the design. This is often a marketing gimmick and not true.

On top of that, there are many aspects of the installation you might not have expertise with. For example, where do you plan to run the wires for the distributed audio system? These are things you shouldn’t need to concern yourself with.

How much money can you make in the time it would take a professional to install your equipment? Your time is worth too much to worry about these issues. Plus, you have an expert to call if something doesn’t work correctly. Save yourself the time and headaches.

How Does Clever AV Help Startups?

At Clever AV, we have the commercial audio visual solutions your business needs. We work with startups just like you on a daily basis. It’s fair to say we have a heart for the startup and want to help you succeed.

Here are some of the top reasons to let us help you today.

Experienced Professionals

With our numerous years of experience, you don’t have to worry about the business audio visual configuration. We combine our skills with continued training and learning, so we remain at the top of our field.

AV equipment and solutions change regularly. You want a company that understands each change and embraces the new technology. Our expertise allows us to customize a solution to fit your needs perfectly.

We Understand the Startup

We aren’t a large corporation, but a small business just like you. At Clever AV, we want to see more small businesses rise to the top. That’s why we provide five-star service to the smaller guy.

When you contact us, you get to know us. We become part of your team. You know that we care about your achievements as much as we do our own. That’s what truly sets us apart from the competition.

Clean, Seamless Installation

When you decide to install the latest equipment, you want a professional job performed. You don’t want to be left with wires and unsightly cables. Our top-notch team knows how to create an aesthetically pleasing design that is well organized. We implement rack mounts and cable management techniques that give you the clean appearance you demand.


We understand how important your business is and don’t want to do anything to interrupt your chance to make money. That’s why we work around your schedule. Whether it’s for a consultation or installation, let us change our schedule to accommodate yours. After all, you are the customer.

Start to Finish

Most importantly, we handle everything from the beginning through the end of the project. Our expert team begins by meeting you at the consultation. During this time, we listen to what you want. It doesn’t matter what size the project is; we always treat you with respect and dignity.

Then, we design an audio visual system that meets your requirements. We also factor in your budget requirements as well. During installation, you can count on us to unbox everything, prepare the area and clean up when we are done. There is nothing you will need to think about.

Finally, our team is always available for maintenance. Our solutions must continue running correctly for them to be effective. We send our specialists to your site to ensure productivity and satisfaction. It won’t take long for you to figure out why we are the area’s top audio visual supplier.

Contact us today so we can design an audio visual strategy for your startup. Grow your business with these high-tech solutions.

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