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10 Ways Your Business Can Use Video Conferencing to Improve Team Performance

Every business wants to create a more productive work environment. For most companies, video conferencing isn’t at the top of your list of important innovations, but it should be. In a Forbes Insight survey, 80% of respondents agreed that video conferencing is becoming a must-have for teams. That increases to 84% when discussing external customers, stakeholders or partners. Let’s look at ten ways that your business can use video conferencing and improve team performance.

1. Connect Offices

If your business runs from multiple locations, you might struggle to stay connected. Using video conferencing allows for impromptu meetings and collaboration. It’s like creating an office portal that transports you to another location.

When you implement this productivity booster, you will notice that the employees become more innovative. This also creates an excitement to work.

2. Save Time & Money

When you have team members located around the globe, you regularly need to pay for travel expenses. Reduce the time spent globetrotting by hosting virtual meetings. Many people find they are just as effective as in-person gatherings.

Think of the money saved on rental cars, foods, hotels and airfare. On top of that money, you also have that wasted time spent in the air. Your company benefits from meeting with clients and prospects this way as well.

3. Retain Employees

Are you constantly training new employees? If so, video conferencing can help you retain them and create a better work environment. Cloud-based video conferencing allows for a more balanced work/life culture. Employees can work from home more often while maintaining close relationships with other staff members.

Your organization quickly becomes the place to work.

4. Easier One-on-Ones

In today’s busy world, it becomes challenging to schedule one-on-one meetings. Getting everyone’s agenda on the same page isn’t easy. With video conferencing, these quick check-ins can happen anytime without rearranging appointments.

Whether you are in the same building, or you need to connect with someone across town, it takes a lot less time to hop on a video call.

5. Human Resources Boost

Most HR departments find themselves on a tight budget. It’s common for this part of your business to have a lot to accomplish with few resources. The challenges human resources continue to face increase over time. It’s likely that they also must manage more mobile and remote workers. With video conferencing, rolling out new procedures or policies is easier than ever. They can also train employees on business processes or software.

HR can reach employees anytime, no matter where they are. With the time saved strengthening corporate bonds, you improve their role and cut costs even further.

6. Streamline Interviews

In addition to saving money on HR, you can also utilize video interviews for further efficiency. Find your next hire without spending unnecessary time. You can effectively eliminate candidates without proper qualifications. At the same time, you fast-track the professionals that fit your requirements.

This also allows you to expand your initial search area. With a broader location, you gain access to larger talent pools without dipping into your travel budget.

7. Help the IT Department

When your employees have computer trouble, they can quickly receive help with the aid of video conferencing. By providing quick access to the IT Help Desk, problems get resolved quickly, even when your employees aren’t in the office. Allow your IT employees to diagnose trouble remotely, which boosts productivity and saves time.

8. Enable Quick Decisions

Your business needs to make quick decisions in order to compete. The world moves fast and you must keep up. When you have a hurried decision to make, you want access to the entire team, no matter where they are. Minutes can make a big difference when time matters.

Use video conferencing for brainstorming, troubleshooting or deciding on the best path. It’s as effective as sitting in a meeting. You can whiteboard your thoughts and share content digitally so everyone is on the same page.

Give yourself an advantage over your competitors.

9. Create Quality Sales Presentations

You don’t need to be in-person with your client to win them over. While face-to-face meetings have been the go-to way to make a sale, innovation makes it simpler. You can close that deal faster and complete more transactions with video conferencing. Connect with your prospects and look them directly in the eye. It’s even possible to share screens for more dynamic demonstrations.

Use the time saved from traveling to schedule more presentations and watch your ROI grow.

10. Start Daily Check-Ins

When you aim to foster collaboration and build trust with your team, you want a regular connection. You don’t have to be in the same location to strengthen company relationships. Use video conferencing daily to connect your on-site and off-site employees. Some businesses prefer to do this weekly, but the point is the same.

With these meetings, you easily coordinate on projects, make decisions and get updates on each person’s progress. It gives everyone the chance to get to know each other better and feel like part of the team.

During these appointments, attendees tend to remain engaged and more alert. You won’t find them distracted by their email or other concerns. Because of this, productivity further increases and helps to move the meeting along faster.

Eliminate the annoying group emails with the help of video conferencing.

Video Conferencing to Boost Productivity

Video conferencing is a must-have innovation in any business – big or small. If you don’t believe that this technology is taking over, just take a look at some of the latest video conferencing innovations that continue to change our world.

If you don’t already have video conferencing integrated as a central piece of your company communications, It’s time that you do. Allow your team to not only listen, but hear and see their workmates to improve communication, understanding, and productivity.

Need effective video conferencing implemented into your business? Contact us for a quote.

What Are Some of The Ways Your Company is Using Video Conferencing? Let Us Know in The Comments!

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