Digital revolution has already brought up generations of technology-oriented kids. Boring chalk and pen boards have proven to be Eco-unfriendly and can no longer grab children’s attention. That’s why smart board is a necessary step to a more effective education. It opens a whole world of engaging opportunities, such as sharing PowerPoint presentations, software lessons, or interactive websites.


    Using smart technology in the classroom increases student engagement and test scores, and gives ground to further technology integration.


    Interactive classroom media has already proven its effectiveness in student learning. Smart board technology can vary from a standalone touchscreen computer to a connectable device
    with touch pad used to control other computers from a projector. This technology enables and motivates collaboration in class by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience.

    Teachers are given a wide variety of tools such as integrated text, images, videos and/or audio files, which all make a class more fun and engaging. It also gives access to the web, which is already full of pre-made interactive activities with a smart board.


    Large lecture halls can fit in a whole bunch of students, but who will care coming to a lecture if they can’t hear a word? Integrated audio visual solutions help overcome various problems in audio distribution. Not only it ensures that the lecture is heard at the back, but it can also deliver the sound across campus, or to a specific classroom.

    Teachers won’t need to strain their voices and with modern microphones they can walk freely around the classroom. The
    technology is easy, so teachers won’t need technician’s assistance to run it.


    Modern generations are used to receive digital information. Digital signage is the best way to appeal to your students and create a stimulating, engaging environment. It’s a great channel
    of communication, as it enables you to display multiple messages, simultaneously targeting the right audience in the right location.


    First impressions matter and a reception equipped with a wide screen showcasing your best students and awards will definitely catch the eye and be remembered. It improves your image in the eyes of parents, inspectors or prospective students.


    Large educational facilities include high open ceilings and large reflective surfaces, such as glass windows, brick walls and a great amount of desks. This leaves no way for sound
    absorption and causes acoustic disasters like strong echo or extreme sound traveling.

    Sound masking is an excellent solution for libraries, student centers and classrooms, it can both absorb excessive volumes and prevent oversharing of private information. Create a
    safe, welcoming environment for your students and staff with sound masking.


    Integrated paging system is extremely flexible, allowing multi-purpose use.

    Teachers can quickly call to the office and visa versa or use as a communication tool in the event of an urgent situation. It delivers clear messages to your students and staff, and has inputs for background music or recordings to play in the corridors during breaks. It can also replace outdated system of automatic bells and tone signals for class start and stop times.

Educational Audio Visual Integration and Design

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