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Most of the big decisions are made in the conference room. It forms the company’s image in the eyes of everyone who enters it. So it’s always a good idea to upswing it.

Use technology to remove time-wasting barriers from your conference room and expand what it has to offer. Don’t limit yourself with a video cable, project data from your laptop, tablet or smartphone directly to the big screen.

Quickly access files and reports from your network and display them right away. Easily include remote partners and employees thanks to optimized microphones and speakers. Effortlessly impress your clients by giving breathtaking presentations with automatically dimmed lights, lowered shades and dramatic audio.




Logitech Rally Camera



Take advantage of the small spaces in your office to boost your team’s productivity. Open space offices may decrease team spirit and lower team collaboration. It also impedes contact with remote employees.

Huddle rooms and spaces provide an engaging atmosphere and play an important role in your business communications. Smart huddle spaces enable smooth audio-video conferencing and presentation content sharing. This simplifies and quickens daily meetings and conferences. Our user-friendly technology will exclude awkward video freezes and sound interruptions and provide a comfortable engaging atmosphere for productive teamwork.



ClickShare CX-50

Crestron Huddle room with Scheduling Pan



Accessible room scheduling solutions help you take the stress out of managing your meeting rooms.

We can help you make booking your rooms available from any device and anywhere even right from the touch panel when you just about to enter the room.


We offer many solutions for different platforms such as GSuite, Office365, Microsoft Exchange and more. Hallway signs will make room availability even more accessible. It will light up green when the room is available and red when the room is occupied.


You could also collect data and generate reports to see what rooms used most and what devices used most frequently.

Those reports can help organizations make informed decisions regarding the technology used in their spaces.




Room Availability Hallway Sign, Wall Mount



Speech privacy is the number one complaint about open office workers. It not only affects workplace satisfaction but also leads to a violation of the client's privacy policy.


With sound masking, you can avoid distractions and sharing of private information in your office. This technology allows us to achieve the ideal background noise level of 45dB. Sound masking systems create ambient noise with the same frequency of speech. This gives an almost unnoticeable neutral noise that makes nearby conversations less obtrusive.




Cambridge Sound QT100


Clever AV is a full service audiovisual design and integration company.

We create simple solutions that help your team, clients or students collaborate and connect effectively. From flexible meeting environments to technology that enhances your customer experience to unlocking potential with interactive learning.


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